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Making Israel’s largest digital bookstore and e-library available on the fly

Designing an online platform for a book store was an exciting task and an ultimate proof of the need for digital transformation.

It is not every day that a book store launches a few mobile apps and an advanced server-side. Technology is leaping ahead,

but we still read books. Isn’t it amazing?

The customer

E-vrit is an online store of digital and printed books, used and new. Established in 2010 as a digital book store, it started selling paperbacks in 2018. Today, E-vrit boasts the widest variety of books in Hebrew, where you can find and download contemporary bestsellers and favorite classics, fascinating reference books and

prose books, indie books, and those published by the leading Israeli publishers.

The challenge

E-vrit was looking to launch a mobile book reader app for Web, iPhone, and Android. With hundreds of thousands of monthly users, this was an exciting challenge for us to tackle!

The application requirements

● iPhone app based on Swift

● Android app based on Java and Kotlin

● Encrypted integrations with the server-side

● HTML code update for reader’s adaptivity to all screen sizes and orientations, bookmarks functionality, and optimized image display.

● Copyright maintenance

● Complex encryption for maximum security

The UI Challenge

E-vrit had an extensive list of requirements that required

a perfectly crafted UI:

- Title search and navigation

- Text marking

- Font support

- Multi-screen sync

- Night mode

- Automatic text scrolling according to reading speed

- Books download and offline reading support

The Results

Gini-Apps has designed and produced a state-of-the-art product that provides E-vrit’s customers with tools for choosing the right books for them, making them accessible through a fair price, efficient delivery service, and an advanced digital reader app.

We are proud to have designed the apps that boast a 4.4 Apple Store score with over 600 ratings and a 4.8 Google Store score with over 3,400 ratings!

The App Features and Highlights

● The robust architecture supporting hundreds of thousands of user

● Sync between devices

● Search for words and phrases in the book

● Google and Wikipedia search and quick translation of words and

● Top to bottom text scroll

● Screen and orientation adaptivity

● Night mode, for easy reading in the dark

● Comments, bookmarks, and text highlights

● Social integrations

● Font size control

● Screen brightness control

● Easy pages and chapter navigation

● Library backup


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