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Mobile SDK Development

There is a good SDK and there is an excellent SDK.

Over the last decade, we have perfected, streamlined, standardized, and documented the SDK development process
so that our customers can enjoy the benefits of a superb SDK.

What makes an excellent SDK?

Seamless integration

Accelerated integration

and rollout of new features

Improved developer experience

Faster time-to-market and

a higher solution adoption rate

The Gini-Apps 8 Rules

for Mobile SDK Development

1. Simplicity

Gini provides only the methods that are needed and do not bloat the SDK.

3. Clean Code

Clear status codes, low-level errors and exceptions are returned to the user.

5. Planing

Stay up-to-date with new versions.

Communicate new features and

deprecate old ones.

7. Quality

We automate the SDK build process and have it running on Jenkins, a continuous integration server on top of manual QA on a large number of devices.

2. Consistency

We utilize consistent platform conventions that developers are familiar with.

4. Performance

SDK is a guest in its host app. A well-built SDK will not degrade the performance of the host.

6. Documentation

All of the Gini-Apps’ development methods are supported by comprehensive and clear documentation.

8. Details

At Gini’s, we check the SDK for memory leaks, ensure that it doesn’t drain the battery, and that network usage is optimized. We are transparent with users and permissions.

Why Gini-Apps?

Technological expertise - a decade of product development experience

Zero Bug policy - continuous integration and QA automation

Genius, creativity and
out-of-the-box thinking

Robust architecture

We assume total product ownership

to ensure product excellence

Wow! - is what we hear from our customers

when we design and develop their products.

SDK Projects

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