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Gini-Apps Presents:

8 Rules for a

Perfect SDK

1. Simplicity

help developers integrate your SDK in a seamlessly.

Initialization of the SDK should not take more than one line of code.

3. Clearance

Clear status codes, low level errors and exceptions should be handled within the SDK with clear status or error codes returned back to the SDK user.

5. Planing

Stay up-to-date with new versions.

Communicate new features and deprecate old ones. Backwards compatibility, if you have an SDK integrator with a very a large user basis, do not later down the line. remove support for minimum OS versions.

7. Quality

We automate the SDK build process, and have it running on Jenkins, a continuous integration server on top of manual QA on a large number of devices.

2. Consistency

IOS/Android/ReactNative/Flutter/Xamarin platform conventions, we understand the importance of consistent patterns with what app developers are familiar with.

4. Performance

The SDK is a guest in it’s host app.

A well built SDK should not negatively affect the performance of the host app.

6. Documentation

A good SDK documentation is essential.

All of the methods must have a clear and robust documentation. Include getting started guides and sample code/app.

8. Details

Check for memory leaks, Don’t drain the battery, Be thrifty with network usage, Be aware of size, Be transparent with your users., Be transparent with permissions.

"The benefits of a well built SDK are clear:

Improved developer experience, faster integration and rollout of new features, all which ultimately leads to a higher adoption of the service."

What Makes Us


  • A decade experience working with various SDK’s technologies.


  • Focusing on architecture and one line of code initialization.


  • Our team is building and integrating mobile SDK’s on a daily basis.


  • Adopting a Zero Bug policy - continues integration and QA automation.


  • Hub for start ups companies in various fields.

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