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IoT solution for Smart Water Metering

The customer

A global leader of water metering solutions specializing in advanced digital metering, data delivery, and Utility Intelligence (UI) software. The company’s portfolio consists of new and innovative smart water and IoT technologies.

The challenge

The company was looking to develop an IoT application that will enable its field technicians to manage the CAT-M water meters' life-cycle, from initial installation to service.

The application requirements

  • An Android application, written in Kotlin, a cutting-edge programming language for Android

  • Logical and easy-to-use UX

  • Modern and clean UI design

  • All the technological challenges solved - from robustness and scalability to the meter management over BLE

  • We’ve tackled all the challenges while enjoying the process and loving what we do :-)

The market is waiting for your product. We are here to make it happen.


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