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Gini’s Multi-SDK for Gaming

Gini-Apps seamlessly implemented multiple SDKs for a leading gaming company, while cutting the total project time by 90%.

The Gini-Apps customer, a developer and operator of award-winning free-to-play casual games for mobile and social platforms, needed to integrate a number of SDKs and connect third-party services.

Gini-Apps was chosen for this complex project due to its singular expertise in SDK development. After the initial project assessment, Gini-Apps offered to integrate all of the SDK that the company was using under all-in-one envelope SDK.

This solution had the potential of reducing the risks and costs of the integration and a need to put a load on the customer’s internal R&D resources (allowing them to focus on revenue-generating activities).


Project Results

Drastic Cost Savings

Gini-Apps provided a customer with a powerful All-in-1 solution that drastically reduced the costs of SDK implementation of both the initial implementation and future maintenance. Instead of placing a months-long overload on the company’s internal R&D workforce, Gini-Apps provided a Multi-SDK solution enabling the total SDK implementation completion in only two weeks!

Avoided Business Logic Headache

Gini’s Multi-SDK solution enabled the company to avoid dealing with SDK bugs and reconciling the complex business logic of various solutions.

Centralized SDK Management

Instead of realizing each SDK separately, all the integrations are now streamlined from one unified envelope SDK, interfacing directly to the Unity UI. The SDK components can be added or removed at any time enabling significant savings on ongoing maintenance and future introductions of additional SDKs.

Total SDK Implementation Time Reduced by 90%

It took Gini-Apps two weeks to complete the total SDK integration. Typically, a single SDK implementation takes about one month. In this case three different SDKs and two third-party systems needed to be integrated. The original duration of five SDK implementations: 4 weeks X 5 = 5 months

The Gini Multi-SDK implementation duration: 0.5 months

Total Savings: 4.5 months of development or 90% of the total planned SDK implementation time

Future Savings: Unlimited, by seamlessly adding or removing SDK components.

SDKs Implemented:

○ Adjust

○ Braze

○ mParticle ○ Analytics

○ User Identification


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