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Gini-Apps offers
QA Services for:

Internet of Things

On-Demand Services

Media & News Apps

Video Game Apps

We cover all types of tests tailored to customer's individual needs, from the minor Desktop,
Web & Mobile apps features 
to complex SDK architecture.
Gini's experienced QA engineers utilize a unique testing approach
and the latest technology to ensure product quality and usability
on an accelerated timeline.

Gini-Apps' QA Offering

Manual Testing

End-to-end software testing services

for any feature or product.

Supporting all types of platforms and devices

using industry-leading testing tools.

Automation Testing

Gini-Apps' complete automation test solution for

Web, Mobile, and SDK covers all types of tests:

GUI, functionality, visibility, integration, sanity, regression, etc.

The tool provides a repository and detailed reports of all tested features and scheduled jobs.

API Testing

Gini-Apps' API testing service allows our customers to improve and extend the manual and automation test coverage. API testing saves functional testing time, ensures test accuracy, easily integrates GUI tests and covers code-level functionality.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing services include investigation and definition of system capability and server capacity, covered by tests that ensure that your product is stable and ready for market: load, stress, spike, volume, and capacity.





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Developer Tools

Why Gini-Apps QA Services?

  • Accelerated time to market with test automation

  • Continuous monitoring of product health

  • Detection of errors and issues before they affect the end customer

  • Product stability and market readiness

  • Leading QA engineers with years of experience

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