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About Us

Gini-Apps founders Tamir Avrahamov and Shay Somech were making music together long before they started building top-ranking mobile apps.

They channeled creativity and discipline propagated by their love for music to build a unique development company that operates on the outer edge of what is technologically possible.

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Gini’s Milestones

Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone, initially restricting independent developers from building native iOS apps.
Shay visits the USA and comes back with an iPhone. Wow!

Following the backlash from developers, Apple releases the iOS SDK. Tamir and Shay decide to start writing iOS apps.
Gini-Apps is born in the basement of Shay's home.

During his Annapurna track in Nepal, Shay meets the CEO of Ynet.
He learns that Ynet is scouting for mobile developers to build their news app.
Shay closes the deal with Ynet, and only three months later, the Ynet mobile app is launched.
Ynet app becomes the #1 app in the App store and retains this position for many years to come.
The app reaches over 10 million downloads in the first three years.

Tamir secures a contract to build Pango, Israel’s smartest parking app.

2010 - 2016
Gini-Apps builds dozens of top-ranking mobile apps - One, E-vrit, The Lotter, and many others.
The company grows and launches three departments - Mobile, SDK, and UI/UX.

The company starts specializing in IoT and mission-critical projects, adds logos of leading tech companies to its portfolio, and launches a Web development department.

Gini-Apps consists of over fifty rockstars - outstanding Mobile SDK developers, extraordinarily creative UI designers, and ninja product managers.
We all have one thing in common – a love affair with technology.
We are a family - we code, jam, and party together.
We work hard, and we play hard.

Our customers are the leading tech companies with incredible ideas that disrupt technologies, drive innovation, and improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.


Shay Somech
Co-founder and CEO


Tamir Avrahamov
Co-founder and CTO


Eran Price


Gal Ben-Galim
Chief Revenue Officer


Gil Samara
VP of R&D


Dikla Oren
VP Human Resources


Muli Cohen
Head of Full-Stack Development


Adi Galili
Head of Design

A taste of our crew

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