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Air Travel Booking platform

The Customer

An air travel booking platform with an exclusive membership model. The company simplifies the process of high-end air travel booking, making it accessible to a wide audience.

The Challenge

The company’s goal was initially to launch a web-based air travel booking platform, that is easy-to-use yet capable of instant processing of thousands of flights’ data. After reviewing the initial requirements, the Gini-Apps team suggested designing an iOS app to make the booking process accessible on-the-fly. This task resulted in an impeccable delivery of a very complex project. Even more so, the iOS app, which was not included in the initial scope of requirements proved to be the most popular asset of the company.

The Result

The air travel booking iOS app, a result of Gini’s synchronized cross-team work, is available on App Store The app processes thousands of flights and presents the user with a simple and easy-to-understand view of flight booking options, combining commercial and private air travel, at a guaranteed price. The simple UI and usability of the app required the development of a very complex background mechanism.

Special features

To provide users with more flexibility in payment options, the crypto payments feature was added to the app.


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