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Israel's largest P2P lending company leads the market through its digital system for alternative investments without intermediaries.

We made calculations easy.

We designed a unique comfortable calculation interface that enable customers to plan their mortgage using human language with user experience.

We created an easy and fast solution to Tarya users.

With Tarya, the power shifts to the people! and we did it too! In this app, we enabled the user to take the power and control over their money and investing in a simple way.

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We built a
down-to-earth and friendly look.

Now, people feel at home and safe without the "big institutions" treating feeling.


My experience with Gini was super positive: They were professional and attentive to Tarya's organizational needs, assisted in the business focus, and responded quickly to changes required during the process. I felt I was working with professionals who were our genuine partners and identified with us, rather than giving the impression they are just another supplier.

Elior Roimy, Product manager

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