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A community social investing platform, where people can invest in assets and stocks.

We made it trustworthy, collaborative and inviting.

We created a financial world with a more accessible approach, more appealing and clear for users.

We created a concept based on the social aspect.

Now it's possible to have group chats and share information, ideas, and deals. The user is now able to trade with friends, family, and professional traders in an easy and effective way.

We did personalization and innovative features.

Now, the user can choose areas of interest, trading strategies & trading configuration while the product learns about them and predicts their behavior inside the app.

We built a young & trendy visual identity.

We created a new brand visual identity with a fresh state-of-the-art look & feel, that emphasizes social media, community, and finance.

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The power of sharing information

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More Projects

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״I was happy to be a part of a challenging and innovative project that combines social and trade together״
Oshrit Zvulun | Senior UX/UI designer
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