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Games of things

September 7, 2017

In a world of millions of applications, all kinds of solutions to our everyday life, endless information in every field, one can not ignore the fact that we have reached a point where applications are no longer available without really interesting content or utility for our daily lives.
 The thrill of a game or gamification in your clientele pockets could be a game changer.



In the course of our work at Gini-Apps we encounter a lot of businesses that “just want to be there”, to develop their apps quickly as possible, maybe even copy competitive company solution.


The thing is that many medium or large companies are not able to break through the market and reach our pockets, to build apps that we will want to engage, use or even play with on a daily basis.


Today, brands and other non-game advertisers have been cautious about getting into the power of mobile games. But mobile gaming is no longer a niche, it has become a mainstream entertainment.
 In the U.S. alone, half the population is now gaming on-the-go and that’s only set to increase.


If brands are not thinking about the mobile gaming audience in their 2017 mobile marketing strategy, they’re missing a huge opportunity.


Globally, the gaming market is worth $108.6Bn and growing while half the U.S. is gaming on their phones. In 2017, 58% of growth of the global games market came from the Asia-Pacific region.


The games market is also a spending one, the gamers patience for all kind of ads is very different from content/utility apps users. Globally, there are 50 million mobile gamers who can be classed as ‘Big Spenders’ (full report from NewZoo here)




Market size The global Video Games market size is about US$50 billion in 2016 and accounts for 55% of the Digital Media market. 
 With this share, Video Games market is by far the biggest market within the Digital Media market.


Mobile gaming now reaches over a billion unique monthly users worldwide, and those users come from versatile cultural diversity. the playing mobile gamers comes from range of gender and age. today almost everyone install and play a game.


The solution is already here. Today it is possible to develop cross platform games, although it is not simple and cheap to produce and market a good game, it is not complicated or more expensive than developing a content application that will be forgotten within a short time.


So what is “games of things”?

Imagine that a brand has a unique feature, something that no one has, and they develop a game that empowers this feature with no real life limitations or boundaries. In this game the brand don’t need to mention his product or to promote it and it can still increase sales in real life.


Real life “games of things” examples


Nike+ Fuelband and Accessories



Nike launched this application in January 2012. And since then it has developed into a popular fun daily game mixed with sport. The company extended themselves beyond their comfort zone as a well known product brand one that actively fosters lifestyle changes by helping their customer keep themselves fit.
 In 2017 the number of players using Fuelband was 28 million.


Coca-Cola Freestyle: discover & create drink mixes


Coca-Cola is known to be at the forefront for developing creative and innovative product promotions.

You can see that all their commercials try to turn simple acts of drinking carbonized sugar water into an Epic meaning and Calling experience through magical kingdoms, happiness, and polar bears.

Coca-Cola Freestyle® app gives you the freedom to discover and create your own drink mixes in the palm of your hand.

Coca Cola aligns this campaign with its mission. The company succeeds in bringing happiness and optimism in the world, by creating advertisement that allows young people to interact enthusiastically with the brand.


Audi A3 Enter the Next Level


With more that 10K download in few months since lunched, the Audi A3 game brings new sales and leads to the Audi A3 brand.

The app allows you to select from the new Audi A3 Sportback or Audi A3 Saloon and race through an Audi smart factory of the future across an endless number of unique tracks competing for the best times with other drivers from across the globe.


Fireman Sam & Fireman Sam — Fire & Rescue










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