Uncle Bob - The Executive Version
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Uncle Bob - The Executive Version

April 5, 2017

When Ohad Maor, one of our company's architects, suggested I write about Uncle Bob, the ninja programmer, I didn't think it was a very good idea. I mean, I love technology, but I am not a developer, as I imagine will be true for most of the people who read this. But then I heard the talk and I understood what he meant. And I recommend that anyone who is leading a technological project - or is thinking of doing so - should listen very carefully to Uncle Bob's lecture.First, he reminds us that coding is critical to our everyday world; because of this, coders have an awesome responsibility on their shoulders. He believes that the field must embrace a uniform and clear code of ethics, much in the same way that the medical or legal fields operate, in order to ensure the integrity of our work. One of the reasons this is such a worthwhile opportunity for you is because his talk will give you great insight into working with your own freelance or tech staff. He explains the power of quality code written in a "clean" way: flexible code, that is easy to upgrade or change, so necessary in our fast paced market. So, if you are offered an attractive price for "quick and dirty" work, it can be an obstacle when you want to bring your product to the next step. Clean code endures; it leaves the clearest notes to future developers to continue the work in an effective - and therefore cost effective - way. Clean code thinks in the long term. As a partner to clean code, Uncle Bob maintains that our industry requires intelligent testing methods to ensure bet



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