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Pass it forward

April 5, 2017

This week, about 20 kids between the ages of 11 and 16 visited our offices as part of a project called "Fly High Tech". Although this was part of a project in which we were supposed to be "giving back to society",  I think we possibly gained as much from the visit as the kids!

Ofer Komem, one of our treasured clients, pioneered Fly High Tech together with Bet Tzippora in Kiryat Malachi about five years ago, with the desire to give children from underprivileged background a leg up for their future. These kids learn to program after school and visit companies in the field in order to be exposed to a variety of possibilities and topics.


When Ofer asked us to participate in a project, we were thrilled! During the visit, members of our team led activities with the kids that were related to user experience and targeting an audience. The kids were really bright and it was so much fun for us to interact with the next generation!  We were inspired by the children's creativity and passion. They reminded us how much we love our jobs and how lucky we are to work in a field that inspires us.  

Meeting the kids touched our hearts. 


If you are inspired to give back to your community and think that inviting kids to visit could be right for your company, contact Ofer at
Presently, there is an opening for a Senior Programmer who can teach in Kiryat Malachi once a week. If you think that is you or someone you know - contact Ofer





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