With over 3 million downloads in Israel alone, Pango is the most popular parking app in the country. It is also used by hundreds of thousands of motorists in over 60 cities in five countries.


Pango’s popularity stems from its speed, ease-of- use and cost-effective features. It’s a location-based app which identifies where motorists are located via GPS and Bluetooth, and allows them to pay for parking, get alerts before the session expires, the ability to stop or extend a parking session, call 911 by clicking a panic button, and a myriad of additional free features.

The Challenges

Our work with Pango began in 2010, and the challenges were considerable.

Pango is a tech-rich app, fully customizable and highly secured, which enables motorists to accomplish the following: register all their vehicles under one account, pay for on and off parking facilities, extend or stop their parking session remotely after receiving an app alert, see all their past parking transactions, and call emergency services via a red, highly visible Panic Button that sends the motorist’s location to emergency services. All these features work constantly, whether the motorist is in the vehicle or away from it.

Before the app goes live on the user’s smartphone, it performs dozens of lightning-fast actions: It checks whether the user exists in the system, goes over his/her credit details, and checks the user’s location as well as all the vehicles registered under the user’s account.

One of the most innovative features on Pango is “Zazti” (“I’ve moved” in Hebrew). “Zazti” uses

both location-based and Bluetooth-based tech, and recognizes the velocity and distance the

vehicle has passed using sensors already in place on the user’s smartphone. It then enables

Pango to turn off every parking session, even when the user has forgotten to do so. “Zazti” was

one of the more challenging features to put in place, demanding extensive field research using bike riders, car motorists and pedestrians to test it.

Another unique feature implemented in Pango is the Parking Hunter. Working together with

Waze to integrate the feature in Pango, the Parking Hunter uses data fed automatically by

hundreds of thousands of Pango users to pinpoint available parking space in the motorist’s

immediate area. These empty parking spots are then made available to every nearby Pango

user looking for one, thereby saving money, valuable time and much hassle.