Malca Amit LTD.

Malca Amit LTD., is one of the largest companies in the world for secure transfer of diamonds, watches, jewelry and other valuable assets. 

Malca Amit LTD. provides its customers – diamond, jewelry and precious metal companies, high-net worth individuals and international banks – with smooth, efficient and highly secure movement of their parcels. Malca Amit LTD. employs security personnel and special operations experts, and has strategically located storage facilities in Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Toronto and Zurich. 

The Challenges

When they first approached us, Malca Amit LTD. used only paper-based processes to conduct their business operations. Our goal was to provide them with a flawless, comprehensive technical solution for all their needs. Together with developers from Matrix, we created an internal app that enables the company to execute secure shipment, coordinate the schedules and logistics of hundreds of employees in different time zones, and do it all in using a highly secured internal network.

Our joint teams of developers and designers worked closely with security specialists from Malca Amit LTD. to understand the unique needs of each employee, from guards to supervisors. We also worked with manufacturers of barcode scanners to adapt the hardware carried by the guards, and make it compatible with the app.

The resulting iOS app and adapted hardware (an iPhone with a customized socket for an inbuilt laser scanner) meet all the day-to- day challenges of an Malca Amit LTD. employee: the app enables highly secured communication between employees; manages daily assignments; sends alerts and messages; provides mission statuses; enables guards to scan each parcel and clients to digitally sign it; enables on-site Bluetooth printing; allows supervisors to track each parcel from order to delivery anywhere in the world; and allows employees to work in no-service areas and quickly adapt to last minute changes and circumstances. Since the app went live, Malca Amit LTD. have completely transformed their day-to- day operations.

The app not only enables the company to work more efficiently and securely, but also allows it to provide even better service to their clients around the world.