iPush introduces a revolutionary business model: It connects brands and content creators by letting iPush users create videos that organically advertise the brands they love.

iPush is essentially a two-way street that aims to benefit both creators and brands: The brand enjoys organic advertising through new, original content, while content creators get paid according to a “virality” scale automatically calculated by the app. In other words, the more viral the video – the more money the creators make.

The Challenges

The executives of iPush came to our offices with a great idea - building a powerful community of content creators and brands working for mutual benefit. Following our strong connection with the people behind iPush and our love of the idea, Gini-Apps became co-founders of iPush.


Our strategic team sought to harness the considerable power of video content and social media sharing to build an original platform for both content creators and brands. Our developers and product managers got to work, and created a smart video platform that is compatible across platforms super-easy to use, and most importantly - streams without interruption or buffering. 


Our partnership has harnessed the technical know-how, as well as the considerable strategic and marketing experience of Gini-Apps, to ready the app for launch and promote it afterwards.

iPush automatically notifies subscribers about new campaigns, supplies the relevant applicants with the relevant marketing brief, and notifies them about pricing. The platform knows how to calculate views, features an efficient mobile wallet for content creators, and automates monthly payments to every creator according to his/her video view count.

iPush was launched in December 2016. Today, it is a post-revenue app, and we are in the process of completing a Series A financing round. Among iPush clients are some of the biggest Israeli companies in their field, including Domino’s Pizza, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, Fix, Optica Halperin and Pitchon Lev.