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Join us on a journey to a perfect product.

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Studio Projects

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Our Customers

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Our Customers

My experience with Gini was super positive: They were professional and attentive to Tarya's organizational needs, assisted in the business focus, and responded quickly to changes required during the process. I felt I was working with professionals who were our genuine partners and identified with us, rather than giving the impression we were just another supplier.

Elior Roimy, Product manager
our studio

Our Studio

An entire team of experts working with you.

The uniqueness of The Gini-Apps Studio lies in the way we work. An entire team of product strategists and designers
collaborate on each project, applying a user-first approach to craft bespoke digital products and seamless user experiences. Our studio is trusted by the leading tech companies, to design products used by millions of users around the globe.

Our Design Process

We have a deep understanding of how to accomplish the business needs of both product and marketing departments by improving the user experience.

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Contact Us

Interested in our UX & UI Studio services? Let us know!

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