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Continuous Testing


to delivering a quality app

Time-to-Market vs. Quality

The quality of the app is sacrificed for fast version release.

It’s impossible for the QA Team to cover both new features and full regression
In the limited time given between changes.

Failure in Production

Crucial failures in production causes bad experience for today’s demanding user.

This leads to financial and image damages.

Maintaining Quality Along Growth


Manual Testing cannot fully cover a range of multiple devices and operating systems.

The time and resources needed to maintain quality are increasing.

How can automation help you?

Fast Release

Without compromising quality and stability.

Enables the QA team to test new features while the regression test is done by clicking a button.

Maintaining App Quality

over time and development.

Test scripts are built with each new feature and will enter the automation cycle once and for all.

Preventing Image and Financial Damage

due to failure in production.

By constantly monitoring the app and its business functionality, automation provides real-time visibility of failures in production that may arise from the application, the server side or from any other source.

Saving QA Time

Enables the developer to run a regression test before delivering a version to the QA team.

The QA team can test new features while the regression test is done by clicking a button.

Maximum Coverage - Minimum Time

without compromising Quality and Stability.

With 24/7 continuous testing, the automation runs a regression test on multiple devices and operating systems.

Benchmark & Performance

over time and development.

Our systems reflect real-time CPU & memory usage. They can also mock device location or simulate a variety of network conditions or other core features.