About Us

Founded in 2010, Gini-Apps is a tech company focused on the development of mobile applications.

Our family comes to work every morning with one goal in mind: creating mobile apps that people will love.

We’re experts at decoding the best strategy to drive both engagement and business, and we believe that delivering precise, tailored tech solutions pave the way for success.

Millions of people around the world

use our apps every day.

We work with clients from diverse fields –

top media outlets, publishing giants in news, sports and the automotive industry, as well as major health-care providers are among our most trusted customers.

Our product managers, designers, developers and QA engineers are at the top of their respective fields.


We are around for the long haul.

Gini-App doesn’t just develop and launch; rather, we  continue to perfect our apps so that they’re always up-to-date, beautifully efficient, and user-friendly.

Get to Know Us

Gini-Apps’ uncompromising commitment to the latest tech has made the company a well-known hub for testing Beta products. Leading Israeli tech companies – Experitest, Gryphonet, Outbrain, Taboola, safeDK, AppsFlyer, to name just a few - send their products to us for testing and implementation.


Gini-Apps’ strong relationship with Apple in Israel brings some added benefits: not only do we test Apple beta products for early adaptation, we are also invited to closed Meetups about Apple tech, content and advanced techniques, where we discuss new products and share our expertise about the ways they can help companies and entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

Shay Somech - CEO & Co Founder

Shay is a professional strategist with a strong technical background and with unique problem solving skills. He has an innate ability to adopt various perspectives and think outside the box. Somech has been leading Gini-Apps since 2010.

Shay has 20+ years of experience as a technical team leader in Israel & Germany.
as well as extensive experience in advising start-ups and entrepreneurs.


Tamir Avrahamov - CTO & Co Founder

A technical executive with 20+ years of experience, Tamir has served as a team leader and CTO in several leading companies, delivering high-end planning, implementation and support for clients and international operation teams.
Tamir's technology and product driven focus, along with his strong hands-on attitude and architectural vision, has allowed him to serve as an effective mobile strategy & technology adviser for startups and enterprises since 2010.