The world moves on to Swift

April 5, 2017 by Shikma

By: Tamir Abramov Co-Founder & CTO Gini-Apps

On June 2, 2014, Apple announced the Swift language as the programming language for Apple’s operating systems and, of course, the native language for IOS which is the operating system for iPhone.

This language replaces the previous language – Objective C and it adopts more secure programming patterns, adds modern features for easier programming, more flexible and just as important, it is more fun.

Apple has worked for many years on developing this programming language until it reached us – the developers of the Xcode environment, about two years ago.

It is important to understand that languages ​​do not die easily. Objective C still exists in many parts of Apple’s code and will always be there, but applications and developments that are stuck and dependent on past technologies become difficult to maintain and finally die. So should we move on to other languages? And if so, when?

Of course, it is always worthwhile to progress with Apple, and we shouldn’t ignore any change the company brings to the development environment, and it has brought many in the past two years.

The changes bring support for new resolutions in new devices, better performance, tools to deal with graphic challenges and interfaces that were complicated at the beginning and are now becoming easier to implement.

In some cases, this functionality is outdated and Apple or any other third party provide newer and faster methods/algorithms to be used by developers.

There is no easy or magic way to move quickly to Swift.

You have to invest a great deal of thought, adopt safer programming patterns and even think about a new design, because the only way is to rewrite your application.

Yes, it’s time, and it’s also a good time when Swift Ver. 3.0 is considered stable and safe to implement.

Beyond that, the most important reason, in my opinion, is the programmers. Colleges in Israel and abroad have been teaching Swift in the past two years and since then, new Objective C developers have not entered the workforce.

A graph illustrating how much Swift is loved by developers (stack overflow):

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So where do you begin? There are a lot of ways to implement and rewrite code, it is important to plan the following code correctly and in a learned manner because Swift is here to stay for many years.

Uncle Bob – the executive version

By: Shikma Bezalel Ben-Ami VP Biz-Dev Gini-Apps

,When Ohad Maor, a technological architect in our company, advised me to include the lecture of the programmer Uncle Bob within this information document, I was skeptical

…What do a ninja programmer like him and the target audience of this information document have in common? I turn to people who understand or love technology but do not necessarily develop … as well as i don’t

.After watching the lecture, I recommend that anyone, who runs or manages a technological project, will listen carefully to Uncle Bob’s words

.In the lecture, Uncle Bob first explains the importance of programming in our daily lives and the tremendous responsibility that every single programmer has

He talks about the need for a uniform and clear code of ethics that must be an integral part of this field, as there is for doctors, lawyers, etc

.You should listen carefully to it because it guides you on how to get what you expect and demands from your freelancer developer or from the development company you chose to work with

He explains the tremendous importance of a quality code written in a clean way, and warns that quick work, which can be great for you 

.And  show you an attractive price can be an obstacle when you would want to take your product one step further, adapt it to the changing market

.The importance of quality code is to keep  The “softness” in the software-the ability and necessity to be easy to update, easy to change and east to upgrade

Uncle Bob also reveals the uncertainty in the field. It is hard for us, managers,  to accept uncertainty …we want to get unequivocal answers

.How long will it take? How much exactly will it cost? We need to pass on information

 Development is dynamic, almost fluid, and we must find the common language between its character and the management methods we embrace then we manage such a project.  

, To sum it up, a lecture of 75 minutes and without any code written, Uncle Bob get you inside the developer mind and helps you understand where you should aspire with your project

(I recommend you to start watching  from minute 22: 58- Before that – an introduction to today’s developers and even before that – Uncle Bob usually talks a few minutes in every lecture of unrelated topics … 🙂   Enjoy

Pass it forward

April 5, 2017 by Shikma

This month we met a refreshing and important project,

Ofer’s project “Fly High-Tech” has been going on for five years now.

Together with Beit Zippora in Kiryat Malachi, they provides chosen children from Kiryat Malakhi with an opportunity to grow, empower themselves and gain occupational leverage.

The kids, in the age of 11 to high school are learning programming in after school hours-  The younger ones study Scratch and the older ones Java.

When Ofer, who is our client, told us about the project and about his visits with the children in different companies to open them to possibilities, expose them to interesting topics and mainly break ceilings of any kind, we jumped on the opportunity.

About 20 kids visited us at the office and went through activities related to user experience and targeted audience.

The children’s willingness, cooperation and creativity were surprising and exciting.

If you are also excited to give something back to society and promote the younger generation, contact Ofer, invite the children to visit you at your office.

 It feels wonderful to have the opportunity to influence and inspire.

Ofer is  looking for a senior programmer who can teach the children once a week in Kiryat Malakhi, and  for more people to promote such a project in other places in Israel.

Ofer – the “fly high tech” project –